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Ruby Braff Vinyl Records Lps For Sale

Ruby Braff: A Jazz Virtuoso’s Timeless Legacy

The Artistry of Ruby Braff: An Overview

Ruby Braff, a name synonymous with jazz brilliance, left an indelible mark on the music world through his exceptional skills as a trumpeter. Born on March 16, 1927, in Boston, Massachusetts, Braff’s journey in the realm of jazz began in the late 1940s, and his influence continues to resonate with aficionados today.

Early Influences and Musical Background

Braff’s early exposure to jazz came from the likes of Louis Armstrong and Bix Beiderbecke. His fascination with their trumpet stylings ignited a passion that would drive his musical journey. Inspired by the swing era, he delved into the intricacies of the genre, honing a distinctive style that seamlessly blended tradition with innovation. Here are the Ruby Braff Tracks and Albums.

Ruby Braff Vinyl: A Discography Chronicle

To truly appreciate Braff’s artistry, one must explore his extensive discography, with a particular focus on his vinyl releases that capture the essence of his musical genius.

1. “Easy Now”

Released in 1956, “Easy Now” marked Braff’s debut as a bandleader. The album, featuring tracks like “Stardust” and “Georgia on My Mind,” showcased Braff’s lyrical and emotive approach to the trumpet. His ability to infuse each note with heartfelt emotion set the tone for a remarkable career.

2. “Ruby Braff Goes Girl Crazy”

In 1957, Braff paid homage to George Gershwin with “Ruby Braff Goes Girl Crazy.” This album, a collaboration with pianist Dave McKenna, demonstrated Braff’s versatility by interpreting classic Gershwin tunes with a fresh and vibrant perspective. The chemistry between Braff and McKenna was palpable, creating an album that remains a testament to their musical camaraderie.

3. “You Brought a New Kind of Love”

Braff’s 1960 release, “You Brought a New Kind of Love,” showcased his mastery of the trumpet in a quartet setting. Tracks like “I’m Shooting High” and “You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me” highlighted Braff’s ability to weave intricate improvisations within the framework of timeless standards. The album exemplified his capacity to captivate listeners with a combination of technical prowess and emotional depth.

4. “Hi-Fi Salute to Bunny”

Dedicated to his friend and fellow musician Bunny Berigan, “Hi-Fi Salute to Bunny” (1957) stands as a poignant tribute to the legendary trumpeter. Braff, accompanied by a stellar ensemble, navigates through Berigan’s repertoire with finesse and reverence. This album serves as a bridge between two eras of jazz, showcasing Braff’s ability to pay homage while infusing his distinct voice into the narrative.

Braff’s Musical Legacy: Influences and Affinities

Ruby Braff’s impact on jazz extends beyond his own recordings; his collaborations and influence have left an enduring imprint on the genre. Here, we explore some of the artists and bands that share affinities with Braff’s musical ethos.

1. Benny Goodman and the Swing Era

Braff’s early exposure to the swing era, particularly through Benny Goodman’s clarinet-led ensembles, shaped his understanding of jazz dynamics. The infectious energy and precise arrangements of Goodman’s bands left an indelible mark on Braff’s approach to ensemble playing.

2. The Cool School: Chet Baker and Gerry Mulligan

In the realm of cool jazz, Chet Baker and Gerry Mulligan resonate as kindred spirits to Ruby Braff. The melodic sensitivity and nuanced phrasing displayed by Baker, paired with Mulligan’s eloquent saxophone lines, echo Braff’s penchant for lyrical storytelling through his trumpet.

3. The Ruby Braff-George Barnes Quartet

Braff’s collaboration with guitarist George Barnes resulted in a dynamic partnership that produced several memorable albums. The interplay between Braff’s trumpet and Barnes’ guitar showcased a symbiotic relationship, influencing subsequent duos in the jazz genre.

Braff’s Enduring Impact on Contemporary Jazz

Beyond his contemporaries, Ruby Braff’s legacy is evident in the work of modern jazz musicians who draw inspiration from his innovative spirit. As we delve into the contemporary jazz landscape, it becomes clear that Braff’s influence continues to shape and evolve the genre.

1. Wynton Marsalis and the Resurgence of Traditional Jazz

Wynton Marsalis, a prominent figure in the contemporary jazz scene, acknowledges Braff’s impact on his approach to traditional jazz. Marsalis’s commitment to preserving and revitalizing the classic jazz idiom reflects Braff’s dedication to authenticity and craftsmanship.

2. Warren Vaché: Carrying the Torch

Trumpeter Warren Vaché, with his warm and expressive playing, follows in the footsteps of Ruby Braff. Vaché’s ability to evoke a sense of nostalgia while pushing the boundaries of traditional jazz aligns with Braff’s legacy of innovation within a timeless framework.

Rediscovering Braff Through Vinyl

In an era dominated by digital streaming, the resurgence of vinyl records has allowed listeners to rediscover the warmth and authenticity of Braff’s music. The tactile experience of placing a Braff vinyl on the turntable, hearing the subtle crackles, and immersing oneself in the sonic richness is a tribute to the enduring appeal of his work.


Ruby Braff’s contributions to jazz, captured vividly in his vinyl recordings, remain a source of inspiration for musicians and enthusiasts alike. As we explore his discography and delve into the artists influenced by his legacy, it becomes evident that Braff’s trumpet continues to resonate, bridging the past and present in a harmonious celebration of jazz.

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