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Howlin Wolf Blues Lp

The Blues: A Deep Dive into the Soul of a Genre


The blues, a genre rooted in the African American experience, has woven a tapestry of emotions and stories that resonate through its music. Emerging from the Delta plantations in the late 19th century, the blues has grown into a global phenomenon, influencing genres from rock to hip-hop. In this exploration, we delve into the history, nuances, and iconic record labels that have played a pivotal role in shaping the blues landscape.

The Birth of the Blues

The blues finds its roots in the hardships and joys of African American life, especially in the rural areas of the Mississippi Delta. Stemming from African musical traditions, the blues originally manifested through simple instrumentation like acoustic guitars, harmonicas, and heartfelt vocals. Its raw and emotive sound became a cathartic expression of the struggles faced by the African American community, evolving into a distinctive musical form.

Delta Blues and the Great Migration

The Delta blues, characterized by its unadorned and often haunting sound, became a cornerstone of the genre. Pioneering artists like Robert Johnson, Son House, and Charley Patton crafted narratives of love, loss, and survival. The Great Migration, during the early to mid-20th century, saw the blues travel from the rural South to urban centers, significantly influencing its evolution.

Record Labels and the Blues Revolution

Chess Records

One of the most iconic blues record labels, Chess Records, based in Chicago, played a crucial role in the evolution of the blues. Founded by brothers Leonard and Phil Chess, the label became a home for legendary artists such as Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, and Little Walter. Chess Records became synonymous with the Chicago blues sound, characterized by electrified guitars and powerful vocals.

Sun Records

While Sun Records in Memphis is often associated with the birth of rock and roll, it also played a vital role in the blues. The label, founded by Sam Phillips, recorded early works of artists like B.B. King, whose guitar prowess and emotive vocals set the stage for the blues revolution.

Atlantic Records

Atlantic Records, a powerhouse in the music industry, embraced the blues in the 1950s and 1960s. Artists like Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin, who incorporated blues elements into their music, found a home at Atlantic. The label’s commitment to authenticity and innovation contributed to the blues’ enduring impact.

Electric Blues and the Urban Shift

As the blues transitioned from acoustic to electric, artists embraced amplified instruments and introduced a more energetic sound. The electric blues era, particularly in Chicago, brought forth a new generation of musicians who electrified the genre. Muddy Waters, often referred to as the “father of Chicago blues,” epitomized this transition with his powerful electric guitar playing and charismatic stage presence.

Blues Revival and the Influence on Rock

British Blues Invasion

In the 1960s, a blues revival took place, notably driven by British rock bands like The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds, and Led Zeppelin. These bands, heavily influenced by American blues artists, introduced a new audience to the raw, authentic sound of the blues. The blues became a foundational element of rock music, influencing countless bands and musicians.

Electric Blues-Rock

The marriage of blues and rock in the form of electric blues-rock became a defining feature of the late 1960s and 1970s. Eric Clapton, a key figure in this movement, formed Cream and later Derek and the Dominos, creating iconic blues-infused rock tracks. Jimi Hendrix, another revolutionary guitarist, blended blues with psychedelic elements, expanding the genre’s boundaries.

Subgenres and Diverse Influences

Regional Blues Styles

The blues has taken on various regional styles, each contributing unique characteristics to the genre. Delta blues, Chicago blues, Texas blues, and West Coast blues all offer distinct sounds shaped by their geographical and cultural contexts. These regional styles reflect the diversity within the blues genre, allowing it to evolve while maintaining its core elements.

Contemporary Blues

In contemporary times, the blues continues to evolve with artists like Keb’ Mo’, Susan Tedeschi, and Joe Bonamassa, who fuse traditional blues with elements of soul, rock, and funk. The blues has also made its mark in hip-hop, with artists sampling blues tracks to create new and innovative sounds.

The Global Impact of the Blues

The blues, once confined to the Southern United States, has become a global phenomenon. Blues festivals around the world celebrate the genre’s enduring legacy, attracting artists and fans from diverse backgrounds. The universal appeal of the blues lies in its ability to convey raw, human emotion and connect with listeners on a profound level.


The blues, born out of adversity and resilience, has transcended its humble origins to become a force that resonates globally. From the Delta plantations to the urban landscapes of Chicago, the blues has evolved, adapted, and influenced countless genres. Iconic record labels like Chess, Sun, and Atlantic played pivotal roles in nurturing and shaping the blues, ensuring its enduring impact on the musical landscape. As we continue to appreciate the blues, we acknowledge its ability to transcend time, telling stories that echo the human experience with every soulful note.

Albert Collins
Albert King
Amos Milburn
Arthur Big Boy Crudup
Barry Goldberg
BB King
Bessie Smith
Big Bill Broonzy
Big Joe Williams
Big Mama Thornton
Big Maybelle
Blind Boy Fuller
Bobby Bland
Brownie McGhee
Buddy Guy
Champion Jack Dupree
Charley Patton
Earl Hooker
Eddie Boyd
Elmore James
Freddie King
Herman Junior Parker
Howlin’ Wolf
Ike Turner
James Cotton
Jimmy Reed
Jimmy Witherspoon
Big Joe Turner
John Hammond
John Lee Hooker
John Mayall
Johnny Winter
Junior Wells
Koko Taylor
Lightnin’ Hopkins
Lightnin’ Slim
Little Milton
Little Walter
Lowell Fulson
Magic Sam
Memphis Slim
Jonny Lang
Mississippi John Hurt
Muddy Waters
Otis Rush
Otis Spann
Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Professor Longhair
Robert Johnson
Roosevelt Sykes
Skip James
Slim Harpo
Son House
Sonny Boy Williamson
Sonny Terry
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Taj Mahal
T-Bone Walker
Tommy Johnson


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