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Buy cheap used vinyl records LPs online from Crazy for Vinyl. Did you just purchase a turntable, and now you need to fill your LP collection? Thrift stores and estate sales are a great place to find albums. Brick and mortar record stores are ideal, but sometimes they are not located in your area, or it’s hard to find a good price on that hard-to-find vinyl. COVID-19 pandemic has us all locked up right now, and there’s not many options to purchase vinyl except for online. One of the bright spots has been listening to Questlove’s Quarantine WreckaStow DJ sets. A few of our favorite record stores include The Electric Fetus (Minneapolis), Ameoba (Los Angeles), Reckless Records (Chicago), Waterloo (Austin) and Good Records (New York City.) Crazy for Vinyl is your online vinyl emporium and blog with a large inventory of collectible records and turntables. Check out our reviews for a great basic turntable for under $100. Buy cheap used records and LPs by searching for a particular artist on the top right search box, or browse our categories such as rock, blues, jazz, reggae, hip-hop, world and disco

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The great record resurgence of the past 10 years is thanks to serious collectors who have always been in the game because they appreciate true sound, along with millennials who long for the tangible object that represents the music they love instead of the cold, soulless streaming world. As Neil Young has told us over the years, vinyl is the only way to hear 100% of the sound. CDs provide about 25%, and streaming is only 5%. Vinyl records are making a huge comeback and will soon surpass CDs in overall sales. The days of the album, along with album art, may not be dead if we keep fighting the good fight! Record Store Day has become the unofficial holiday, and Crazy for Vinyl will always keep you up-to-date on the limited-edition vinyl (from Bad Bunny to Clawed Forehead) that gets released every year on this magical day.