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Soft Machine Vinyl Record Lps For Sale

Soft Machine: Exploring the Jazz Fusion Pioneers

The Genesis of Soft Machine

Soft Machine, a pioneering band in the realms of progressive rock and jazz fusion, emerged from the vibrant musical landscape of 1960s London. Formed in 1966, the band initially comprised Robert Wyatt, Mike Ratledge, Kevin Ayers, and Daevid Allen. The name “Soft Machine” was inspired by the William S. Burroughs novel “The Soft Machine,” reflecting the countercultural and avant-garde influences that shaped the band’s artistic identity.

The Early Years and Lineup Changes

Soft Machine’s early sound drew inspiration from a variety of genres, including psychedelic rock and free jazz. Their eponymous debut album, “The Soft Machine” (1968), showcased the band’s experimental approach and set the stage for their evolving musical journey. Kevin Ayers left the band after their debut, and this marked the beginning of several lineup changes that would become a hallmark of Soft Machine’s trajectory.

Shaping the Progressive Landscape

Soft Machine Volume Two (1969)

With their second album, “Soft Machine Volume Two” (1969), the band delved further into avant-garde territory. The album featured intricate compositions and experimental soundscapes, solidifying Soft Machine’s reputation as trailblazers in the progressive rock scene. Wyatt’s distinctively emotive drumming and Ratledge’s innovative keyboard work became integral elements of the Soft Machine sound.

Third (1970)

“Third” (1970) marked a significant milestone for Soft Machine. This ambitious double album showcased their growing affinity for jazz fusion, incorporating extended instrumental passages and complex arrangements. Elton Dean and Hugh Hopper joined the lineup, contributing to the band’s evolving sonic palette. The album is often regarded as a landmark in the fusion genre, blending rock, jazz, and classical influences seamlessly.

Fourth (1971)

Continuing their exploration of avant-garde and experimental music, “Fourth” (1971) saw Soft Machine embrace a more stripped-down and concise approach. The departure of Robert Wyatt, due to health issues, marked a major shift in the band’s dynamics. Phil Howard took over on drums, and the album featured a more pronounced emphasis on instrumental improvisation.

The Canterbury Scene Influence

Soft Machine played a pivotal role in the Canterbury scene, a musical movement that emerged in the late 1960s and early 1970s in the Canterbury area of Kent, England. Characterized by a fusion of progressive rock, jazz, and psychedelic influences, the Canterbury scene became a breeding ground for innovative musical experimentation.

Collaborations and Cross-Pollination

Soft Machine’s association with other Canterbury bands like Caravan, Gong, and Hatfield and the North fostered a sense of community and collaboration. The exchange of musicians and ideas became a defining feature of the Canterbury scene, contributing to the development of a unique and eclectic musical landscape.

Matching Mole and Solo Ventures

Following his departure from Soft Machine, Robert Wyatt formed Matching Mole, another influential band in the Canterbury scene. Wyatt’s solo career further showcased his musical prowess and avant-garde sensibilities. Soft Machine’s impact extended beyond their collective works, influencing the solo endeavors of its members.

Legacy and Impact

Influence on Progressive Rock

Soft Machine’s experimental approach and willingness to push musical boundaries left an indelible mark on the progressive rock genre. Their incorporation of jazz elements into rock music paved the way for subsequent bands to explore new sonic territories. The intricate instrumental arrangements and complex compositions of Soft Machine became a template for many progressive rock acts that followed.

Jazz Fusion Pioneers

As pioneers of jazz fusion, Soft Machine’s fusion of rock and jazz elements influenced a generation of musicians. Their improvisational prowess and genre-blurring experimentation laid the groundwork for the fusion movement that gained prominence in the 1970s. Bands like Mahavishnu Orchestra and Weather Report drew inspiration from Soft Machine’s fusion ethos.

Albums Beyond the Core

Fifth (1972)

Following Robert Wyatt’s departure, Soft Machine continued to evolve with “Fifth” (1972). Roy Babbington assumed the role of bassist, and the album showcased a more structured and polished sound. While still rooted in jazz fusion, the compositions on “Fifth” demonstrated the band’s adaptability to changing musical landscapes.

Bundles (1975)

“Bundles” (1975) marked another transitional phase for Soft Machine, featuring guitarist Allan Holdsworth. The album introduced a fusion of rock, jazz, and elements of jazz-rock, reflecting the band’s ongoing evolution. Holdsworth’s virtuosic guitar work added a new dimension to the Soft Machine sound.

Land of Cockayne (1981)

“Land of Cockayne” (1981) represented a departure from the earlier jazz-centric sound of Soft Machine. With Allan Holdsworth no longer in the lineup, the album delved into a more pop-oriented direction, incorporating elements of new wave and showcasing the band’s versatility.

Similar Bands and Contemporaries


Another prominent member of the Canterbury scene, Gong, shared similarities with Soft Machine in their fusion of psychedelic and progressive elements. The two bands often collaborated, contributing to the cross-pollination within the Canterbury scene.


Caravan, another key figure in the Canterbury scene, blended progressive rock with whimsical and often humorous lyrics. The band’s intricate compositions and genre-defying approach mirrored Soft Machine’s commitment to musical experimentation.

Hatfield and the North

Hatfield and the North, formed by former Soft Machine roadies and members of Caravan, continued the Canterbury tradition of genre-blurring. Their self-titled debut album (1974) showcased a playful yet complex musical approach, akin to Soft Machine’s spirit.

Soft Machine’s Everlasting Innovation

Soft Machine’s journey through the realms of progressive rock and jazz fusion embodies a commitment to musical innovation and fearless experimentation. Their ability to adapt to changing lineups and musical landscapes is a testament to their artistic resilience. As a pioneering force in the Canterbury scene and a catalyst for the fusion movement, Soft Machine’s legacy continues to resonate across genres, inspiring generations of musicians to explore the uncharted territories of sound.

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