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Brainstorm was an American disco and R&B band, based in Detroit in the late 1970s. Their 1977 debut album, Stormin‘ , was their best selling album and was released on Tabu Records. It contained the disco radio hit song Lovin’ is Really My Game, which won the 1978 Billboard Magazine Light Radio/Heavy Disco Record of the Year. The album also included the commercial hit This Must Be Heaven, which critics and audiences have made a soul classic and it still gets air play decades later. Other single releases from subsequent albums included 1978’s On Our Way Home and Hot For You. The members of the band (from the Stormin‘ era) were singer Belita Woods, saxophonist Chuck Overton, Lamont Johnson on bass and backup vocals, Renell Gonsalves on drums, Treaty Womack on percussion and flute, Professor RJ Ross on keyboards, Jerry Kent on guitar, Jeryl Bright on trombone, and Larry Sims on trumpet. We recommend starting your Brainstorm vinyl LP disco collection with the exceptional albums Stormin’. Our LP inventory is constantly changing, so check back often, or browse our list of vinyl records for sale from disco musicians.

Brainstorm Stormin Vinyl Lp Album