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Breakwater Vinyl Record Lps For Sale

Sailing Through Smooth Grooves: The Breakwater Odyssey


In the vast ocean of soul and R&B, Breakwater emerges as a beacon of smooth grooves and sonic sophistication. Hailing from Philadelphia, this band has etched its name in the annals of music history with a seamless blend of funk, soul, and jazz. Join us on a musical voyage as we explore Breakwater’s discography, delve into the magic woven into their albums, and uncover the waves of influence they’ve cast upon similar bands and the wider musical landscape.

The Origin of Breakwater: Setting Sail in Philly

Formed in the early 1970s, Breakwater found its roots in the fertile musical soil of Philadelphia. The band’s lineup comprised gifted musicians, each contributing a unique flavor to their collective sound. Breakwater’s ability to fuse genres and create a signature sonic palette became a defining characteristic that set them apart in the vibrant music scene of the time.

A Sonic Journey: Navigating Breakwater’s Albums

1. “Breakwater” (1978): The Debut Symphony

Breakwater’s self-titled debut album, released in 1978, stands as a testament to the band’s musical prowess. The album opens with the iconic “Work It Out,” a funk anthem that quickly became a dancefloor classic. “Say You Love Me Girl” showcases the band’s ability to infuse soulful elements into their grooves, while “No Limit” explores intricate jazz-inspired instrumentation. The debut album marked Breakwater’s arrival on the scene with a distinctive sound that would lay the foundation for their future releases.

2. “Splashdown” (1980): A Sublime Sophomore Offering

Following the success of their debut, Breakwater released “Splashdown” in 1980, further solidifying their standing in the world of soul and funk. The album features the smooth and soulful “Release the Beast,” a track that epitomizes Breakwater’s ability to create aural landscapes that transcend genre boundaries. “The One in My Dreams” showcases the band’s knack for crafting heartfelt ballads, adding a layer of emotional depth to their repertoire.

3. “Breakwater” Reissue (2016): Navigating the Waves of Time

In 2016, the reissue of Breakwater’s self-titled album breathed new life into their classic tracks. Remastered for contemporary audiences, this reissue allowed a new generation to appreciate the timeless grooves of Breakwater’s early work. The inclusion of extended versions and bonus tracks provided fans with a fresh perspective on the band’s musical evolution.

4. “Struck by Boogie Lightning” (2018): A Funk Odyssey Continues

In 2018, Breakwater embarked on a new chapter with the release of “Struck by Boogie Lightning.” The album features a blend of fresh compositions and reimagined classics, showcasing Breakwater’s enduring ability to craft infectious grooves. Tracks like “No More Love” and “Unfinished Business” capture the essence of Breakwater’s funk roots while infusing a contemporary flair.

Sailors of Smooth Grooves: Bands Influenced by Breakwater

Breakwater’s distinctive sound and genre-defying approach have left an indelible mark on the musical landscape. Several bands have sailed in the wake of Breakwater, incorporating elements of their smooth grooves into their own sonic voyages.

1. The Internet: Neo-Soul Navigators

The Internet, a contemporary neo-soul band, draws inspiration from Breakwater’s ability to seamlessly blend genres. The smooth, soulful elements present in The Internet’s music echo the sophistication that Breakwater brought to the world of R&B.

2. Anderson .Paak: Funky Fusion Explorer

Anderson .Paak, known for his eclectic fusion of R&B, hip-hop, and funk, nods to Breakwater’s legacy. The multifaceted instrumentation and smooth grooves in .Paak’s work carry echoes of Breakwater’s genre-blurring approach.

3. Thundercat: Bass-Driven Serenades

Thundercat, the virtuoso bassist and singer, shares a kinship with Breakwater’s emphasis on intricate instrumentation. The fluid basslines and jazz-inspired elements in Thundercat’s music pay homage to Breakwater’s legacy of musical sophistication.

Sailing into the Future: Breakwater’s Timeless Impact

Breakwater’s influence extends beyond their immediate contemporaries, reaching into the fabric of modern music. The fusion of funk, soul, and jazz that defines Breakwater’s sound has become a source of inspiration for artists seeking to explore new sonic horizons.

1. Sampled by Hip-Hop Pioneers

Breakwater’s tracks, with their rich instrumentation and infectious grooves, have become prized samples in the world of hip-hop. Artists like Daft Punk, Kanye West, and De La Soul have borrowed from Breakwater’s catalog, embedding their timeless sounds into the DNA of hip-hop classics.

2. Resurgence in Contemporary R&B

The resurgence of interest in classic R&B and soul has brought Breakwater’s music back into the limelight. Contemporary R&B artists, recognizing the enduring appeal of Breakwater’s smooth grooves, have embraced their influence, contributing to a renewed appreciation for the band’s legacy.

Essential Breakwater Tracks: Navigating the Playlist

1. “Work It Out” (1978): Funk Odyssey Commences

The opening track from Breakwater’s self-titled debut album, “Work It Out,” is a funk odyssey that immediately captures the listener’s attention. The infectious groove and dynamic instrumentation set the stage for Breakwater’s sonic journey.

2. “Say You Love Me Girl” (1978): Soulful Serenade

This soulful gem from the debut album showcases Breakwater’s ability to infuse heartfelt emotion into their music. The smooth vocals and lush instrumentation make “Say You Love Me Girl” a standout track in their catalog.

3. “Release the Beast” (1980): Jazz-Funk Fusion

A highlight from the “Splashdown” album, “Release the Beast” exemplifies Breakwater’s fusion of jazz and funk. The intricate instrumentation and dynamic arrangement make it a testament to the band’s musical dexterity.

4. “No More Love” (2018): Contemporary Grooves

From the “Struck by Boogie Lightning” album, “No More Love” reflects Breakwater’s ability to evolve while retaining their signature sound. The contemporary production and infectious rhythm showcase the band’s timeless appeal.

In Memoriam: Celebrating Breakwater’s Musical Legacy

As we navigate the waves of Breakwater’s musical legacy, it becomes evident that their contribution to the world of soul and R&B is not merely confined to a specific era. Breakwater’s timeless grooves continue to resonate across generations, inviting new listeners to embark on their sonic voyage.

So, as you immerse yourself in the smooth grooves of Breakwater, remember that you are not just listening to a band – you are joining a musical odyssey that transcends time and genre. Here’s to Breakwater, the sailors of smooth grooves whose music continues to sail through the seas of soul, leaving an eternal imprint on the hearts and ears of music enthusiasts worldwide.

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