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Creedence Clearwater Revival Vinyl Record Lps For Sale

Creedence Clearwater Revival: The Swamps of Southern Rock

Origins and Formation (1967)

Formation of Creedence Clearwater Revival Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR) emerged from the San Francisco Bay Area in 1967, founded by lead vocalist and guitarist John Fogerty, his brother rhythm guitarist Tom Fogerty, bassist Stu Cook, and drummer Doug Clifford. The band’s distinctive sound, rooted in Southern rock, swamp rock, and blues, set them apart from their psychedelic rock contemporaries.

Debut Album: “Creedence Clearwater Revival” (1968)

Introduction to the World CCR’s eponymous debut album, “Creedence Clearwater Revival” (1968), introduced the world to their raw and energetic sound. The album included the hit single “Suzie Q,” a cover of the Dale Hawkins song, which showcased John Fogerty’s distinctive voice and the band’s ability to infuse classic rock elements with their own Southern flavor.

Breakthrough with “Bayou Country” (1969)

“Proud Mary” and Southern Roots “Bayou Country” (1969) marked a breakthrough for CCR with the release of “Proud Mary,” a song that encapsulated their swamp rock essence. The album’s mix of bluesy rock, country influences, and John Fogerty’s soulful vocals set the stage for CCR’s ascent in the rock music landscape.

Commercial Success with “Green River” (1969)

Triple Whammy of Success Following closely on the heels of “Bayou Country,” “Green River” (1969) further solidified CCR’s success. The album featured a trifecta of hit singles: “Green River,” “Bad Moon Rising,” and “Lodi.” The band’s ability to churn out hit after hit showcased their prolific songwriting and musicianship.

Pinnacle with “Willy and the Poor Boys” (1969)

Anthems of an Era “Willy and the Poor Boys” (1969) stands as one of CCR’s pinnacle achievements. The album featured iconic tracks like “Fortunate Son,” a protest song that became an anthem of the Vietnam War era, and “Down on the Corner,” reflecting the band’s ability to capture the spirit of the times with their music.

Sonic Diversity in “Cosmo’s Factory” (1970)

Masterpiece of Sonic Diversity “Cosmo’s Factory” (1970) showcased CCR’s sonic diversity. The album featured rockabilly influences in “Lookin’ Out My Back Door,” bluesy elements in “Before You Accuse Me,” and the extended jam of “Ramble Tamble.” Named after the band’s rehearsal space, “Cosmo’s Factory” highlighted CCR’s ability to experiment while maintaining their signature sound.

Final Studio Album: “Pendulum” (1970)

Jazz and R&B Explorations “Pendulum” (1970) marked CCR’s final studio album before disbanding. The album saw the band exploring jazz and R&B influences, with tracks like “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?” and “Hey Tonight.” Despite internal tensions, the musical craftsmanship displayed on “Pendulum” affirmed CCR’s place in rock history.

Disbandment and Solo Ventures (1972)

Tensions and Departure Tensions within the band, particularly between John Fogerty and the other members, led to CCR’s disbandment in 1972. The departure of Tom Fogerty and subsequent solo ventures by John Fogerty marked the end of an era for the iconic group.

Solo Careers and Reconciliation (1973-2020)

John Fogerty’s Solo Success John Fogerty’s solo career took off with the release of albums like “Centerfield” (1985), featuring hits like “The Old Man Down the Road.” Despite the success, legal battles and strained relationships with former bandmates persisted for decades.

CCR’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction (1993) In 1993, CCR was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a recognition of their enduring impact on the rock genre. The induction, however, did not coincide with a full band reunion.

CCR Revisited and Further Legal Battles In the late 1990s and early 2000s, legal battles continued over the use of the CCR name. While John Fogerty embarked on a “Blue Moon Swamp” tour in 1997, a complete CCR reunion remained elusive.

Legacy and Impact

Timeless Hits and Enduring Influence CCR’s legacy lies in their timeless hits and enduring influence on rock music. Their ability to fuse rootsy Southern sounds with rock sensibilities created a distinct sound that resonates across generations.

Protest Anthems and Social Commentary CCR’s protest anthems, particularly “Fortunate Son,” became synonymous with the social and political climate of the 1960s. The band’s ability to infuse social commentary into their music added depth to their rock and roll identity.

Swamp Rock Pioneers CCR’s contribution to the genre of swamp rock solidified their place as pioneers. The band’s evocative sound, inspired by the swamps of the American South, created a musical landscape that was both authentic and innovative.

Discography Overview

1. “Creedence Clearwater Revival” (1968)

  • Debut album introducing CCR’s raw and energetic sound.

2. “Bayou Country” (1969)

  • Breakthrough with hits like “Proud Mary.”

3. “Green River” (1969)

  • Commercial success with hit singles.

4. “Willy and the Poor Boys” (1969)

  • Pinnacle with anthems like “Fortunate Son.”

5. “Cosmo’s Factory” (1970)

  • Sonic diversity and experimentation.

6. “Pendulum” (1970)

  • Final studio album before disbandment.

7. “Centerfield” (1985) – John Fogerty’s Solo

  • Successful solo album featuring hits like “The Old Man Down the Road.”

8. “Blue Moon Swamp” (1997) – John Fogerty’s Solo

  • Solo album and tour showcasing Fogerty’s enduring talent.


Creedence Clearwater Revival’s journey through the swamps of Southern rock left an indelible mark on the landscape of rock and roll. From their raw and energetic debut to their protest anthems and sonic explorations, CCR’s legacy is woven into the fabric of American music. Despite the challenges and eventual disbandment, the timeless hits of CCR continue to resonate, ensuring their place among the legends of rock history.

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