Delegation Vinyl Records Lps For Sale

Delegation was a European disco and R&B band. Delegation got its start in England in the 1970s by Ricky Bailey, Len Coley and Roddy Harris. Working with producer Ken Gold, they recorded and released some successful UK hits like The Promise of Love and Where Is The Love. The release of Oh Honey in 1979, a groovy jam that hit the charts in many countries, secured the band’s disco icon status right at the end of the era. The accompanying album, The Promise of Love, included a handful of solid cuts including the upbeat song Someone Oughta Write a Song (About You Baby), along with the ballad Mr. Heartbreak. By 1980, Coley and Harris were replaced by Ray Patterson and Bruce Dunbar, and the band soldiered onward with lesser successful albums. Delegation still plays their old hits around Europe led by Rick Bailey and several former band members, most recently at a sold out gig at a small venue in Paris in late 2018. The Dankura 12 Inch Delegation Heartache #9 vinyl picture sleeve promo has become highly sought after for DJs. We recommend starting your Delegation vinyl LP disco collection with the exceptional albums The Promise Of Love and Eau De Vie. Our LP inventory is constantly changing, so check back often, or browse our list of vinyl records for sale from disco musicians.

Delegation Promise Love Vinyl Lp