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George Benson was born in Pittsburgh in 1943, and is an accomplished guitarist and singer whose jazz, disco, and R&B recordings have received much critical acclaim. His first recorded single was It Should Have Been Me (Ray Charles) in 1954. Benson released the song Supership in 1975, and it was popular overseas because of the danceable beats with stunning vocals and brass. Benson’s foray into disco was fresh and clean. His album Give Me the Night sold over a million copies. His instrumentals Nassau Day, Before You Go, and Soulful Strut showed how jazz could blend with a disco beat. Benson’s final disco tune was 1981’s Never Give Up on a Good Thing which appeared on the compilation The George Benson Collection. Quincy Jones persuaded Benson to search his ancestry for vocal inspiration, and he rekindled his fondness for Nat Cole, Ray Charles and Donny Hathaway, influencing a string of new vocal albums into the 1990s. We recommend starting your George Benson vinyl collection with the essential Give Me the Night and Livin’ Inside Your Love. Our LP inventory is constantly changing, so check back often, or browse our list of vinyl records for sale from disco musicians.

George Benson Here Comes Night Lp Vinyl

George Benson Vinyl: A Timeless Journey through Musical Mastery

The Early Years of George Benson

George Benson, born on March 22, 1943, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a renowned American guitarist, singer, and songwriter. His musical journey began at a young age, and by the time he was 21, he had already released his first album, “The New Boss Guitar of George Benson” (1964), showcasing his exceptional skills on the guitar. Benson’s early work primarily delved into jazz and soul, setting the stage for a career that would span decades and cross genre boundaries.

The Evolution of the “George Benson Vinyl” Band

The Fusion of Jazz and R&B

As Benson’s career progressed, he experimented with various styles, seamlessly blending jazz and R&B influences. His ability to infuse soulful vocals with intricate guitar solos became a trademark, and in 1976, he released the album “Breezin’,” a pivotal moment in his career. The album featured the hit single “This Masquerade,” which earned Benson the Grammy Award for Record of the Year in 1977.

The Breakthrough Album: “Breezin'”

“Breezin'” marked a significant shift for George Benson, propelling him into mainstream success. The album’s title track, an instrumental composition, showcased Benson’s fluid and melodic guitar playing, backed by a lush orchestral arrangement. The critical and commercial success of “Breezin'” not only solidified Benson’s status as a jazz-pop crossover artist but also earned him the Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Performance.

Noteworthy Albums in the ’80s and ’90s

In the following decades, George Benson continued to explore different musical territories. The albums “Give Me the Night” (1980) and “In Your Eyes” (1983) further demonstrated his versatility, incorporating elements of funk, pop, and smooth jazz. The former featured the hit single and title track “Give Me the Night,” a funky, danceable tune that topped the R&B charts and won Benson another Grammy Award.

The ’90s saw Benson embracing contemporary R&B influences with albums like “Big Boss Band” (1990) and “Love Remembers” (1993). These albums showcased his enduring ability to adapt to changing musical landscapes while maintaining his signature sound.

Albums that Defined an Era

“Breezin'” (1976)

“Breezin'” stands out as one of George Benson’s most iconic albums. The title track, a smooth jazz masterpiece, remains a classic in the genre. The album’s fusion of jazz, pop, and R&B captivated audiences, making it a commercial success and earning critical acclaim. Benson’s effortless guitar work and soulful vocals on tracks like “Affirmation” and “Six to Four” solidified “Breezin'” as a timeless classic.

“Give Me the Night” (1980)

Released in 1980, “Give Me the Night” showcased Benson’s transition into a more polished sound, incorporating elements of funk and disco. The title track, produced by Quincy Jones, became a chart-topping hit, and the album as a whole marked Benson’s dominance in the contemporary R&B scene. Tracks like “Love X Love” and “Off Broadway” further highlighted Benson’s ability to fuse genres seamlessly.

“While the City Sleeps…” (1986)

Released in 1986, “While the City Sleeps…” continued Benson’s exploration of contemporary R&B and pop. The album featured collaborations with notable producers, including Narada Michael Walden. The standout track “Kisses in the Moonlight” became a hit, showcasing Benson’s smooth vocals against a backdrop of synth-driven production. The album’s commercial success reinforced Benson’s status as a versatile and enduring artist.

The Influence of George Benson

Musical Legacy and Impact

George Benson’s influence extends far beyond his own discography. His seamless blending of jazz, R&B, and pop paved the way for a new generation of artists exploring genre crossovers. His approach to the guitar, characterized by fluidity and emotion, inspired countless musicians across different genres.

Similar Bands and Artists

1. Wes Montgomery

Wes Montgomery, a legendary jazz guitarist, shares a connection with George Benson in their mastery of the instrument. Montgomery’s influence on Benson’s early career is evident, and both artists have left an indelible mark on the jazz guitar landscape.

2. Al Jarreau

The collaboration between George Benson and Al Jarreau on the album “Givin’ It Up” (2006) showcased the synergy between two masters of their craft. Al Jarreau’s vocal prowess, combined with Benson’s guitar virtuosity, created a musical fusion that transcended genres.

3. Pat Metheny

Pat Metheny, known for his innovative approach to jazz and fusion, shares a kinship with George Benson in pushing the boundaries of traditional jazz guitar. While their styles may differ, both artists have contributed significantly to the evolution of contemporary jazz.

George Benson Vinyl’s Enduring Appeal

The Vinyl Experience

The resurgence of vinyl records in recent years has brought a renewed appreciation for the tangible and nostalgic aspects of music consumption. George Benson’s albums, particularly those released in the vinyl era, offer a unique sonic experience. The warm tones and analog richness of vinyl playback enhance the listener’s connection to the music, allowing for a more immersive journey through Benson’s multifaceted discography.

Collectors’ Favorites

For vinyl enthusiasts and collectors, George Benson’s early albums like “The New Boss Guitar of George Benson” (1964) and “Breezin'” (1976) are highly sought after. The vintage sound quality, coupled with the distinctive album artwork, adds a collectible element to these releases. The ritual of placing the needle on the vinyl and experiencing the crackles and pops only adds to the charm of the George Benson Vinyl collection.


George Benson’s musical legacy is a testament to his ability to transcend genre boundaries and evolve with the ever-changing landscape of music. From his early jazz days to his crossover success in R&B and pop, Benson’s impact on the world of music is immeasurable. The enduring appeal of George Benson Vinyl speaks to the timeless quality of his artistry, inviting listeners to embark on a journey through the grooves of his iconic albums, each a chapter in the story of a true musical virtuoso.

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