Questlove Live DJ Sets Archive Youtube Quarantine

30 Mar

Questlove has been doing live DJ sets (sometimes wearing a cool Sade shirt) that can last almost 6 hours during the stay at home quarantine situation. We are archiving the live Youtube streams, and anytime is the right time to start one up. Questlove, born Ahmir Khalib Thompson, is best known for being the drummer of The Roots which is the house band on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. He is also a DJ, author, and possibly owns the largest vinyl collection of anyone coming in at over 70,000 LPs. The DJ sets focus on the good old stuff that we lean towards on Crazy for Vinyl, and he drops amazing factoids about the songs. For example, when the Beastie Boys released Hold It Now, Hit It in Philadelphia, there was a mistake which made the a cappella version the A side instead of the B side, so that is what the radio played all summer.

Questlove Live Dj Youtube Sets
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