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The Fall Vinyl Record Lps For Sale

The Fall: Prolific Pioneers of Post-Punk

Inception and Shifting Lineups (1976-1979)

Formation in the Fringes The Fall, an English post-punk band, emerged from the fertile musical landscape of Manchester in 1976. Mark E. Smith, the enigmatic and often unconventional frontman, served as the constant force amid a constantly shifting lineup. The Fall’s early years were marked by experimentation and a refusal to conform to traditional punk norms.

“Live at the Witch Trials” (1979): A Raw Debut

Debut Album ReleaseLive at the Witch Trials” (1979) marked The Fall’s debut, capturing the raw energy of their live performances. The album reflected the band’s evolving sound, with tracks like “Frightened” and “Rebellious Jukebox” showcasing Mark E. Smith’s distinctive vocal delivery and the band’s unapologetically abrasive approach.

Notable Tracks:

  1. “Frightened”
  2. “Rebellious Jukebox”
  3. “Industrial Estate”

Experimental Explorations in the ’80s (1980-1989)

Constant Evolution The Fall’s output in the ’80s showcased their commitment to musical experimentation. With Mark E. Smith as the unyielding creative force, the band explored a wide range of influences, from post-punk to electronic and industrial sounds.

“Grotesque (After the Gramme)” (1980): Artistic Maturation

Exploration of ThemesGrotesque (After the Gramme)” (1980) marked a phase of artistic maturation for The Fall. The album delved into themes of alienation and societal critique, with tracks like “How I Wrote ‘Elastic Man'” showcasing Smith’s lyrical wit and the band’s evolving sonic palette.

Notable Tracks:

  1. “How I Wrote ‘Elastic Man'”
  2. “New Face in Hell”
  3. “Totally Wired”

“This Nation’s Saving Grace” (1985): A Pinnacle of Creativity

Critical Acclaim Considered by many as one of The Fall’s masterpieces, “This Nation’s Saving Grace” (1985) received critical acclaim for its innovative sound and Mark E. Smith’s cryptic yet compelling lyrics. The album blended post-punk with elements of psychedelia, marking a high point in the band’s creative journey.

Notable Tracks:

  1. “Spoilt Victorian Child”
  2. “Cruiser’s Creek”
  3. “Paint Work”

“Bend Sinister” (1986): Diverse Soundscapes

Eclectic Influences “Bend Sinister” (1986) continued The Fall’s trend of pushing boundaries. The album showcased diverse influences, from rockabilly to avant-garde, with tracks like “R.O.D.” and “US 80s-90s” highlighting the band’s ability to weave different genres into their sonic tapestry.

Notable Tracks:

  1. “R.O.D.”
  2. “US 80s-90s”
  3. “Bournemouth Runner”

“The Frenz Experiment” (1988): Unpredictable Soundscapes

Unpredictable Sound Palette “The Frenz Experiment” (1988) embraced an unpredictable sonic palette. Mark E. Smith’s lyrics remained cryptic and challenging, while the band’s musical experimentation continued to evolve. Tracks like “Frenz” and “Hit the North” showcased The Fall’s ability to create infectious yet unconventional music.

Notable Tracks:

  1. “Frenz”
  2. “Hit the North”
  3. “Bremen Nacht”

Challenges and Renewed Vigor (1990-2000)

Challenges and Evolution The ’90s brought challenges and changes for The Fall, including various lineup shifts. Despite these hurdles, the band’s output remained prolific, with Mark E. Smith’s uncompromising vision steering their musical evolution.

“Extricate” (1990): A Decade’s Debut

Diverse SoundscapesExtricate” (1990) marked the beginning of a new decade for The Fall. The album embraced diverse soundscapes, incorporating elements of indie rock and alternative. Tracks like “Sing! Harpy” and “Telephone Thing” showcased the band’s ability to adapt to changing musical landscapes.

Notable Tracks:

  1. “Sing! Harpy”
  2. “Telephone Thing”
  3. “Bill Is Dead”

“The Infotainment Scan” (1993): Sonic Experimentation Continues

Exploration of Sonic Territories “The Infotainment Scan” (1993) continued The Fall’s exploration of sonic territories. The album featured a mix of catchy hooks and experimental moments, exemplified by tracks like “Paranoia Man in Cheap Sh*t Room” and “Glam Racket/Star.”

Notable Tracks:

  1. “Paranoia Man in Cheap Sh*t Room”
  2. “Glam Racket/Star”
  3. “Lost in Music”

“The Marshall Suite” (1999): Late-Decade Resurgence

Resurgence and Renewed Critical Acclaim “The Marshall Suite” (1999) marked a late-decade resurgence for The Fall. The album received renewed critical acclaim for its eclectic sound and Mark E. Smith’s ever-intriguing lyrical approach. Tracks like “Touch Sensitive” and “F-Oldin’ Money” showcased the band’s enduring vigor.

Notable Tracks:

  1. “Touch Sensitive”
  2. “F-Oldin’ Money”
  3. “Antidotes”

Prolific Output in the 2000s (2000-2018)

Continued Prolificacy The Fall’s output in the 2000s continued to be prolific, with a consistent stream of albums showcasing Mark E. Smith’s uncompromising vision and the band’s ability to evolve within the ever-changing landscape of alternative and post-punk music.

“The Real New Fall LP (Formerly Country on the Click)” (2003): A Shifting Sound

Shifting Sound Palette “The Real New Fall LP (Formerly Country on the Click)” (2003) showcased a shifting sound palette. The album featured a blend of garage rock, punk, and even elements of folk, revealing The Fall’s willingness to embrace a range of influences.

Notable Tracks:

  1. “Mountain Energei”
  2. “Theme from Sparta F.C.”
  3. “Green Eyed Loco Man”

“Imperial Wax Solvent” (2008): Resilience and Relevance

Resilience Amid Challenges “Imperial Wax Solvent” (2008) reflected The Fall’s resilience amid changing musical landscapes. Mark E. Smith’s vocals remained a distinctive force, and the album received positive reviews for its relevance and vitality.

Notable Tracks:

  1. “Alton Towers”
  2. “50 Year Old Man”
  3. “Latch Key Kid”

“Ersatz G.B.” (2011): A Late-Career Gem

Late-Career Brilliance “Ersatz G.B.” (2011) surprised critics and fans alike with its late-career brilliance. The album showcased a blend of post-punk and experimental elements, proving that The Fall’s creative spark remained undiminished.

Notable Tracks:

  1. “Cosmos 7”
  2. “Greenway”
  3. “Nate Will Not Return”

“New Facts Emerge” (2017): A Final Chapter

A Final Chapter “New Facts Emerge” (2017) served as a final chapter in The Fall’s discography before Mark E. Smith’s passing in 2018. The album continued the band’s tradition of sonic exploration, with tracks like “Fol De Rol” and “Brillo De Facto” standing as testament to their enduring creativity.

Notable Tracks:

  1. “Fol De Rol”
  2. “Brillo De Facto”
  3. “Gibbus Gibson”

Legacy and Impact

Pioneers of Post-Punk The Fall’s legacy extends far beyond their prolific discography. As pioneers of post-punk, their influence can be heard in the works of countless bands that followed. Mark E. Smith’s idiosyncratic approach to lyrics and the band’s ever-changing sound have left an indelible mark on alternative music.

Unconventional Genius Mark E. Smith’s status as an unconventional genius is celebrated in the annals of music history. His ability to steer The Fall through various sonic landscapes while maintaining a consistent core identity attests to his visionary approach.

Conclusion: The Perpetual Evolution of The Fall

The Fall’s journey through the decades is a testament to their perpetual evolution. From the raw energy of their debut to the experimental soundscapes of their later works, the band never shied away from pushing boundaries. Mark E. Smith’s unwavering commitment to his artistic vision ensured that The Fall remained a force of innovation in the ever-changing landscape of post-punk and alternative music. As the echoes of their unconventional brilliance continue to reverberate, The Fall stands as a beacon of creativity, forever challenging the norms of the musical world.

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