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Coke Escovedo Vinyl Record Lps For Sale

Coke Escovedo: The Rhythmic Odyssey of a Musical Virtuoso

Early Life and Musical Roots

Born on April 30, 1941, in Los Angeles, California, Coke Escovedo emerged as a versatile percussionist and a prominent figure in the world of Latin and funk music. His musical journey began with a deep connection to his Mexican heritage, as his family was steeped in musical traditions. Escovedo’s early exposure to Latin rhythms laid the foundation for his future exploration of diverse musical genres.

The Escovedo Legacy

The Escovedo family is a musical dynasty that has left an indelible mark on the music scene. Coke Escovedo was a pivotal figure alongside his brothers Pete Escovedo and Alejandro Escovedo, all of whom contributed significantly to the rich tapestry of American music. This article, however, delves into Coke Escovedo’s vinyl discography and his role as a driving force behind the band that bore his name. Here are the Coke Escovedo Tracks and Albums.

The Coke Escovedo Vinyl Band

Formation and Evolution

In the early 1970s, Coke Escovedo assembled a group of exceptionally talented musicians to form the Coke Escovedo Vinyl Band. This eclectic ensemble seamlessly blended Latin, jazz, and funk influences, creating a distinctive sound that resonated with a diverse audience. The band’s ability to fuse various musical elements set them apart in an era dominated by genre-defined boundaries.

Musical Style and Influences

Coke Escovedo’s percussive prowess became the heartbeat of the band, infusing their music with a rhythmic energy that was infectious. The influence of Latin music was palpable, with Escovedo’s percussive arrangements adding layers of complexity to the band’s sonic palette. Jazz improvisation and funk grooves were also integral components, making the Coke Escovedo Vinyl Band a genre-defying force.

Notable Albums

1. “Comin’ at Ya!”

Released in 1976, “Comin’ at Ya!” marked the debut album of the Coke Escovedo Vinyl Band. The album showcased the band’s ability to seamlessly blend Latin percussion, funk rhythms, and soulful melodies. Tracks like “Rebirth” and “No One to Depend On” highlighted Escovedo’s percussive virtuosity, setting the stage for the band’s musical journey.

2. “Coke”

The self-titled album, “Coke,” released in 1977, further solidified the band’s position in the music scene. This album featured a more refined and expansive sound, with tracks like “Why Can’t We Be Lovers” and “I Wouldn’t Change a Thing” demonstrating the band’s versatility. The incorporation of horns and brass sections added a dynamic dimension to the overall musical experience.

3. “Disco Fantasy”

As the disco era gained momentum, the Coke Escovedo Vinyl Band adapted to the changing musical landscape with their 1978 release, “Disco Fantasy.” This album infused disco beats into their existing Latin-funk fusion, creating danceable tracks like “I Wouldn’t Change a Thing” and “Runaway.” While some purists questioned the band’s foray into disco, others appreciated their ability to evolve without compromising their core identity.

Legacy and Influence

Coke Escovedo’s Impact on Percussion

Coke Escovedo’s contribution to the world of percussion cannot be overstated. His innovative approach to Latin rhythms, coupled with his mastery of various percussion instruments, influenced generations of musicians. From congas to timbales, Escovedo’s percussive toolkit was vast, and his techniques continue to inspire percussionists across genres.

Musical Evolution of Latin-Funk Fusion

The Coke Escovedo Vinyl Band played a pivotal role in shaping the Latin-funk fusion genre. By seamlessly blending Latin rhythms with funk, jazz, and disco elements, the band created a template that future artists would draw inspiration from. This fusion not only appealed to diverse audiences but also paved the way for the cross-pollination of musical styles in the decades to come.

Similar Bands in the Latin-Funk Fusion Genre

1. Santana

With their groundbreaking fusion of rock, Latin, and jazz elements, Santana shares similarities with the Coke Escovedo Vinyl Band. Both acts emerged from the vibrant music scene of the San Francisco Bay Area, contributing to the cultural melting pot that defined the region’s sound in the 1970s.

2. War

War, another prominent band from California, blended funk, rock, and Latin music, much like the Coke Escovedo Vinyl Band. The rhythmic complexity and socially conscious lyrics in War’s music resonate with the fusion ethos that defined the era.

Bands Influenced by Coke Escovedo Vinyl

1. Sheila E.

As the niece of Coke Escovedo, Sheila E. inherited the family’s musical genes and made significant contributions to the Latin-funk genre. Her percussion skills and dynamic stage presence reflect the legacy of the Escovedo family.

2. Poncho Sanchez

Poncho Sanchez, a Grammy Award-winning Latin jazz artist, draws inspiration from the rhythmic innovations of Coke Escovedo. The influence of Escovedo’s percussive techniques is evident in Sanchez’s work, showcasing the enduring impact of the Coke Escovedo Vinyl Band.


Coke Escovedo’s vinyl discography stands as a testament to the band’s ability to transcend musical boundaries. The Coke Escovedo Vinyl Band’s fusion of Latin, jazz, and funk created a timeless sound that continues to resonate with listeners today. As we explore their albums, it becomes clear that Coke Escovedo’s legacy extends beyond his role as a percussionist; it encompasses his contribution to the evolution of Latin-funk fusion and his enduring influence on subsequent generations of musicians.

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