George Harrison Vinyl Records Lps For Sale

Check out these new and used George Harrison vinyl records LPs for sale. George Harrison was a British musician who is most well known for being the lead guitarist in The Beatles. Paul McCartney brought him along to famously play the song Raunchy for John Lennon and that secured his membership into the fab four. George was referred to as the quiet Beatle, and he incorporated Indian influences after hearing Ravi Shankar. His use of the sitar on Norwegian Wood is a great example of this influence. Harrison’s songwriting greatly improved by the end of the Beatles, which makes sense if you’re trying to keep up with Lennon and McCartney. His song Something is considered one of the greatest Beatles songs of all time. He actually borrowed the first line from James Taylor after hearing his song Something in the Way She Moves. The song is about Pattie Boyd, who ended up later marrying his good friend Eric Clapton. Fun fact: Eric also wrote a song about her called Layla. After the Beatles broke up, George had the most ambitious solo album titled All Things Must Pass which contained the hit song My Sweet Lord. The Chiffons later sued Harrison for plagiarism of their song He’s So Fine. In the 1980s, George formed the Traveling Wilburys with his friends Roy Orbison, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne from ELO, and Bob Dylan. Harrison passed away in 2001 after a long battle with lung cancer. We recommend starting your George Harrison vinyl collection with the essential albums Wonderwall Music, Electronic Sound and All Things Must Pass. Our inventory is always changing, so check back often, or browse our list of vinyl records for sale from rock musicians.

George Harrison Vinyl Record Lps For Sale