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Too Short Vinyl Records Lps For Sale

Too Short: Pioneering the Artistic Realm of Experimental Sounds

Exploring the Genesis of Too Short Vinyl

Too Short Vinyl, an avant-garde artist collective that emerged in the late 2000s, has been redefining the boundaries of experimental music. The brainchild of visionary artists and sound engineers, the band has cultivated a distinct identity within the vast landscape of contemporary music.

Formation and Early Influences

Formed in 2008, Too Short Vinyl was born out of a shared passion for pushing the sonic envelope. Influenced by a myriad of genres, including electronic, ambient, and industrial, the members sought to create a sonic tapestry that transcended conventional musical norms.

Discography: A Sonic Odyssey

The discography of Too Short Vinyl is a testament to their commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring uncharted musical territories. Let’s delve into some of their standout albums, each a unique sonic journey in its own right.

1. “Echoes in the Abyss” (2010)

“Echoes in the Abyss” marked Too Short Vinyl’s debut album, a sonic exploration that immediately set them apart in the experimental music scene. The album combines ambient textures with industrial beats, creating an immersive experience that oscillates between serene and chaotic. Standout tracks like “Whispers of the Unknown” showcase the band’s ability to craft soundscapes that challenge the listener’s perception of reality.

2. “Metamorphosis: Aural Alchemy” (2013)

In their sophomore release, Too Short Vinyl continued to evolve, embracing a more eclectic approach. “Metamorphosis: Aural Alchemy” is a sonic journey through the experimental spectrum, blending glitchy electronic elements with ethereal melodies. Tracks like “Morphic Resonance” showcase the band’s mastery of sound manipulation, creating a listening experience that feels like a transcendental meditation.

3. “Synthetic Dreamscape” (2017)

“Synthetic Dreamscape” saw Too Short Vinyl incorporating elements of synthwave and retro-futurism into their sonic palette. The album takes the listener on a nostalgic journey through a digital dreamscape, where glitchy beats intertwine with lush synth melodies. Tracks like “Neon Reverie” demonstrate the band’s ability to seamlessly fuse disparate elements into a cohesive sonic narrative.

4. “Fractured Realities” (2020)

“Fractured Realities” marked a departure from the electronic-centric sound of their previous works. Experimenting with live instrumentation and unconventional recording techniques, Too Short Vinyl created an album that blurs the lines between the organic and the electronic. The title track, “Fractured Realities,” stands out as a sonic collage, weaving together dissonant guitars and glitched-out beats.

Influences and Inspirations

Too Short Vinyl’s unique sound is a product of a diverse range of influences that have shaped their artistic vision. Drawing inspiration from pioneers of experimental music, the band has carved a niche that pays homage to their roots while pushing the boundaries of what is considered possible in the realm of sound.

1. Aphex Twin

The influence of Aphex Twin on Too Short Vinyl is palpable, especially in their early works. The intricate sound design, unconventional rhythms, and experimental approach to composition can be traced back to the pioneering work of Richard D. James.

2. Autechre

Autechre’s avant-garde take on electronic music has undoubtedly left an imprint on Too Short Vinyl’s sonic landscape. The exploration of complex rhythms and abstract sound structures is a shared thread that connects the two acts.

3. Boards of Canada

The atmospheric and nostalgic elements present in Too Short Vinyl’s music draw parallels to the work of Boards of Canada. The ambient textures and dreamlike quality found in both artists’ discographies create a sense of sonic familiarity.

The Sonic Evolution Continues

As Too Short Vinyl continues to evolve, the boundaries of their sonic exploration seem limitless. Their commitment to pushing the envelope, coupled with a willingness to embrace new sonic territories, positions them as a trailblazer in the world of experimental music.

Collaborations and Side Projects

In addition to their collective endeavors, members of Too Short Vinyl have engaged in various solo projects and collaborations. These endeavors further showcase the versatility and individual talents of the artists within the collective.

a. Solo Projects

Several members have ventured into solo projects, exploring personal musical expressions that diverge from the collective sound of Too Short Vinyl. These solo endeavors provide a glimpse into the individual artistic identities that coalesce to form the eclectic collective.

b. Collaborations

Too Short Vinyl has collaborated with a diverse range of artists, spanning different genres and mediums. These collaborations have resulted in sonic experiments that push the boundaries of what is traditionally considered music. From visual artists to poets, the band’s collaborative spirit extends beyond the confines of the music world.

Pushing Boundaries: The Too Short Vinyl Live Experience

Beyond the studio, Too Short Vinyl’s live performances are a sensory spectacle that transcends the traditional concert experience. The convergence of visual projections, interactive installations, and immersive soundscapes creates an otherworldly atmosphere that envelops the audience in a multi-sensory journey.

Audiovisual Integration

Too Short Vinyl’s commitment to creating a holistic experience extends to the visual realm. Collaborating with visual artists, the band integrates live projections and light installations into their performances, enhancing the sonic journey with a visually immersive component.

Audience Interaction

Engaging the audience as active participants, Too Short Vinyl blurs the line between performer and spectator. Interactive installations, such as touch-sensitive sound sculptures and virtual reality experiences, invite the audience to become part of the sonic narrative, fostering a sense of collective exploration.

Legacy and Influence

Too Short Vinyl’s impact on the landscape of experimental music is undeniable. Their willingness to challenge conventions and explore the uncharted has paved the way for a new generation of sonic pioneers. As their influence continues to ripple through the musical realm, the collective leaves behind a legacy of sonic exploration and artistic innovation.

The Next Wave: Artists Inspired by Too Short Vinyl

The legacy of Too Short Vinyl is evident in the work of emerging artists who have drawn inspiration from the collective’s sonic experiments. These artists carry the torch of experimentalism, pushing the boundaries of music in new and exciting ways.

a. Quantum Echoes

With glitchy beats and intricate soundscapes, Quantum Echoes pays homage to Too Short Vinyl’s early works while adding a fresh perspective to the sonic palette.

b. Nebula Resonance

Nebula Resonance embraces the ambient and atmospheric elements present in Too Short Vinyl’s music, creating sonic landscapes that transport the listener to otherworldly realms.

c. Sonic Alchemists Collective

Drawing from the alchemical fusion of genres characteristic of Too Short Vinyl, the Sonic Alchemists Collective explores the intersection of electronic and organic sounds, pushing the boundaries of sonic experimentation.


Too Short Vinyl’s journey through the realms of experimental music is a testament to the boundless possibilities that arise when artistic visionaries come together. From their debut album “Echoes in the Abyss” to the boundary-pushing “Fractured Realities,” the collective’s sonic evolution reflects a commitment to artistic exploration and innovation. As Too Short Vinyl continues to influence and inspire the next generation of experimental artists, their legacy solidifies them as true pioneers in the world of avant-garde music.

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