B.T. Express Vinyl Records Lps For Sale

This disco group was created by Jeff Lane in NYC during the 1970s. They were originally called King Davis House Rockers, followed by the Brooklyn Trucking Express. The roster consisted of Bill Risbrook, Dennis Rowe, Rick Thompson, Carlos Ward, Michael Jones, Wesley Hall, Leslie Ming, Louis Risbrook, and Barbara Joyce Lomas. Their debut album Do it (‘Til You’re Satisfied) had two number-one R&B and Top 10 hits. Later LPs included two more R&B Top 10 singles, Give It What You Got/Peace Pipe (1975) and Can’t Stop Groovin’ Now, Wanna Do It Some More (1976). After 1977’s Shout It Out, which peaked on the R&B Top 20 at number 12, the group had less success with the next album Shout! The Express made a small comeback in 1980 with B.T. Express 1980, though only the single Give Up the Funk (Let’s Dance) made it into the Top 40. We recommend starting your B.T. Express vinyl LP collection with the exceptional albums Do it (‘Til You’re Satisfied) and Non Stop. Our LP inventory is constantly changing, so check back often, or browse our list of vinyl records for sale from disco musicians.

Bt Express Vinyl Lp Non Stop Disco

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