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Crown Heights Affair was an American disco and R&B band, based in Brooklyn in the late 1960s. Crown Heights Affair skillfully merged the gap between funk and disco much like Earth, Wind & Fire and Kool & the Gang, which resulted in their records finding a new life via sampling by modern rappers and DJs. In 1975, Crown Heights Affair issued its sophomore effort, Dreaming a Dream, which included an extended disco mix of the title track ranking in the R&B Top Five. Every Beat of My Hear and Foxy Lady soon followed securing the group’s growing popularity among club folk. We recommend starting your Crown Heights Affair vinyl LP disco collection with the exceptional album Dream World. Our LP inventory is constantly changing, so check back often, or browse our list of vinyl records for sale from disco musicians.

Crown Heights Affair Vinyl Lp

Crown Heights Affair: A Deep Dive into the Groovy World of Disco-Funk

Unveiling the Origins of Crown Heights Affair

Crown Heights Affair emerged during the vibrant era of disco and funk in the 1970s. Formed in Brooklyn, New York, the band originally consisted of William “Bubba” Anderson, Howard Young, James “Ajax” Baynard, Raymond “Sugar Ray” Rock, Philip Thomas, and Raymond Reid. Their distinctive sound and energetic performances quickly propelled them into the spotlight, making them a significant player in the disco and funk scenes.

The Early Years and Breakthrough

The band’s early years were marked by experimentation, as they honed their unique blend of disco, funk, and soul. In 1974, Crown Heights Affair released their debut album, “Dreaming a Dream,” which laid the foundation for their signature sound. The album featured tracks like “Every Beat of My Heart” and “Dreaming a Dream,” showcasing the band’s ability to fuse soulful melodies with infectious dance beats. Here are the Crown Heights Affair Tracks and Albums.

However, it was their 1975 release, “Foxy Lady,” that truly catapulted Crown Heights Affair to fame. The title track, “Foxy Lady,” became a disco anthem, dominating dance floors and radio waves. With its funky basslines, soulful brass sections, and irresistible grooves, the album solidified the band’s position as a force to be reckoned with in the disco scene.

Exploring Crown Heights Affair’s Discography

1. “Dreaming a Dream” (1974)

The debut album set the stage for Crown Heights Affair’s musical journey. Tracks like “Dancin'” and “Every Beat of My Heart” showcased their ability to seamlessly blend soulful vocals with infectious rhythms, establishing the groundwork for their future releases.

2. “Foxy Lady” (1975)

“Foxy Lady” marked a significant turning point for the band. The title track, along with hits like “Super Rod” and “Dance Lady Dance,” showcased Crown Heights Affair’s ability to create dancefloor anthems that resonated with audiences worldwide.

3. “Dream World” (1976)

Dream World” continued the band’s success with tracks like “Use Your Body & Soul” and “Galaxy of Love.” The album delved deeper into funk-infused disco, showcasing Crown Heights Affair’s evolution as musicians and their mastery of crafting infectious, danceable tunes.

4. “Do It Your Way” (1976)

Released in the same year as “Dream World,” “Do It Your Way” featured tracks like “Dance Lady Dance” and the title track, emphasizing the band’s versatility in creating both soulful ballads and energetic dance tracks.

5. “Crown Heights Affair” (1978)

The self-titled album, “Crown Heights Affair,” showcased the band’s maturity and musical prowess. Tracks like “You Gave Me Love” and “Say a Prayer for Two” demonstrated a more refined approach to their craft, solidifying their status as disco-funk legends.

The Legacy of Crown Heights Affair

Crown Heights Affair’s impact on the music scene extended beyond the disco era. Their influence resonated with artists across genres, contributing to the evolution of funk and dance music. As the band embraced new wave and electronic elements in the 1980s, their sound continued to adapt, keeping them relevant in an ever-changing musical landscape.

Similar Bands to Crown Heights Affair

1. Kool & the Gang

Known for their infectious blend of funk, R&B, and disco, Kool & the Gang shared a musical kinship with Crown Heights Affair. Both bands dominated dance floors during the disco era and left an indelible mark on the funk genre.

2. Chic

Chic, led by Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards, embraced a sophisticated and polished approach to disco-funk. Their intricate guitar work and seamless production mirrored some aspects of Crown Heights Affair’s style, making them contemporaries in the evolving disco landscape.

3. Brass Construction

With their brass-heavy sound and danceable grooves, Brass Construction shared similarities with Crown Heights Affair. Both bands contributed significantly to the funk and disco movements, creating timeless classics that still resonate with audiences today.

The Influence of Crown Heights Affair

Crown Heights Affair’s influence transcended their contemporaries, impacting future generations of musicians. Their innovative use of brass instruments, dynamic rhythms, and soulful vocals inspired artists across genres, leaving an indelible mark on the evolution of funk, disco, and dance music.

1. Daft Punk

The French electronic duo Daft Punk drew inspiration from the disco era, including the funky vibes laid down by Crown Heights Affair. Elements of their sound, particularly in albums like “Discovery,” echoed the danceable spirit and infectious energy that defined Crown Heights Affair’s music.

2. Jamiroquai

British funk and acid jazz band Jamiroquai incorporated disco and funk elements into their sound, drawing parallels with Crown Heights Affair’s ability to create genre-defying music. Tracks like “Canned Heat” and “Virtual Insanity” showcased their mastery of blending danceable beats with soulful melodies.

3. Disclosure

The electronic music duo Disclosure, known for their infectious beats and dance-oriented sound, has acknowledged the influence of disco on their music. Crown Heights Affair’s legacy is evident in the way Disclosure seamlessly incorporates funk and disco elements into their modern electronic productions.


Crown Heights Affair’s journey through the disco and funk landscapes of the 1970s and beyond solidified their status as pioneers of infectious dance music. From their early days of experimentation to the refined sound of their self-titled album, the band’s discography remains a testament to their musical evolution. As their influence continues to echo through the works of contemporary artists, Crown Heights Affair’s legacy stands as a vibrant chapter in the history of disco-funk—a chapter that continues to inspire and move audiences to the beat of their timeless grooves.

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