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Drifters Vinyl Record Lps For Sale

Exploring the Legacy of The Drifters

The Drifters, an iconic American R&B and soul group, have left an indelible mark on the music industry with their smooth harmonies, captivating performances, and timeless hits. In this in-depth article, we delve into the rich history of The Drifters, explore their influential albums, and examine their lasting impact on the world of music.

Origins and Early Years

The Drifters originated in the 1950s, emerging from the vibrant music scene of Harlem, New York City. Initially formed as a backing group for Clyde McPhatter, The Drifters soon evolved into a standalone act, led by various talented vocalists over the years. Their early recordings with McPhatter, such as “Money Honey” and “Such a Night,” laid the foundation for their success and established them as pioneers of the R&B genre.

Albums by The Drifters

“Rockin’ & Driftin'” (1958)

Released in 1958, “Rockin’ & Driftin'” showcased The Drifters’ signature blend of R&B, doo-wop, and soul. The album featured hit singles like “Ruby Baby,” “Drip Drop,” and “Fools Fall in Love,” which became instant classics and solidified The Drifters’ reputation as chart-topping artists. With its infectious rhythms and soulful melodies, “Rockin’ & Driftin'” remains a timeless record in the group’s discography.

“Save the Last Dance for Me” (1962)

“Save the Last Dance for Me,” released in 1962, marked a significant milestone in The Drifters’ career, showcasing their versatility and musical maturity. The album featured soulful ballads like the title track, “Please Stay,” and “Sweets for My Sweet,” which topped the charts and became enduring favorites among fans. With its lush orchestrations and emotive vocals, “Save the Last Dance for Me” solidified The Drifters’ status as masters of the soulful sound.

“Under the Boardwalk” (1964)

“Under the Boardwalk,” released in 1964, represented a creative peak for The Drifters, with its infectious melodies and catchy hooks. The album featured hit singles like the title track, “Saturday Night at the Movies,” and “Up on the Roof,” which became anthems of the era and propelled The Drifters to international fame. With its upbeat rhythms and feel-good vibes, “Under the Boardwalk” remains one of The Drifters’ most beloved albums.

Similar Bands

The Coasters

The Coasters, another influential R&B group from the 1950s, shared similarities with The Drifters in their smooth harmonies, witty lyrics, and dynamic stage presence. Both groups were known for their entertaining performances and timeless hits, making them staples of the R&B and doo-wop genres.

The Platters

The Platters, renowned for their romantic ballads and lush orchestrations, drew inspiration from The Drifters’ soulful sound and polished performances. With their chart-topping hits and captivating vocal harmonies, The Platters carried on The Drifters’ legacy while carving out their own niche in the world of R&B and pop music.

Bands Influenced by The Drifters

The Four Tops

The Four Tops, a legendary Motown group, were influenced by The Drifters’ smooth harmonies and soulful melodies. With their chart-topping hits and electrifying live performances, The Four Tops carried on The Drifters’ legacy while making their mark on the Motown sound.

The Temptations

The Temptations, known for their impeccable harmonies and dynamic stage presence, drew inspiration from The Drifters’ innovative approach to R&B and soul music. With their chart-topping hits and captivating performances, The Temptations carried on The Drifters’ legacy while forging their own path in the world of Motown.


The Drifters’ contribution to the world of R&B and soul music is unparalleled, with their smooth harmonies, soulful melodies, and timeless hits earning them a place among the greatest vocal groups of all time. As we celebrate their legacy, we honor their pioneering spirit, musical innovation, and enduring influence on generations of artists and fans alike. From their humble beginnings in Harlem to their rise to prominence on the global stage, The Drifters remain a shining example of musical excellence, reminding us of the power of music to inspire, uplift, and unite us all.

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