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Check out these new and used Herman Junior Parker vinyl records LPs for sale. Herman Junior Parker was born in 1932 in Mississippi, and move to Arkansas during the 1940s. He had a natural gift for the harmonica, and played with Sonny Boy Williamson and Howlin’ Wolf as a young man. Parker became a member of the Memphis group the Beale Streeters in 1950 which also included Bobby Blue Bland and BB King. Ike Turner discovered him in 1952 and signed him to Modern Records which resulted in his first release You’re My Angel/Bad Women, Bad Whiskey. This got the attention of Sam Phillips, who signed Junior to Sun Records In 1953 and had a big hit with Feelin’ Good. Another one of his songs, Mystery Train, was covered by Elvis Presley. Junior passed away in 1971 during surgery for a brain tumor. We recommend starting your Herman Junior Parker vinyl collection with the wonderful You Don’t Have To Be Black To Love The Blues and Love Ain’t Nothin’ But A Business Goin’ On. Our inventory is usually changing, so check back often, or browse our list of vinyl from blues musicians.

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Herman Junior Parker: The Blues Harmonica Maestro

Herman Junior Parker, born on March 27, 1924, in West Memphis, Arkansas, was a highly influential blues harmonica player, singer, and songwriter. Revered for his harmonica skills and emotive vocals, he left an indelible mark on the blues genre. With a career spanning several decades, Herman Junior Parker’s contributions to the world of blues music continue to inspire and resonate with audiences.

Early Life and Musical Beginnings

Herman Junior Parker’s early life was steeped in the rich musical traditions of the Mississippi Delta. Growing up in a family of sharecroppers, he was exposed to the sounds of the blues at a young age. He began playing the harmonica, an instrument that would become his lifelong passion and a key element of his signature sound.

Migration to Memphis and Musical Career

In the early 1940s, Herman Junior Parker migrated to Memphis, Tennessee, a city with a vibrant blues scene. There, he began performing in local clubs and juke joints, honing his harmonica skills and gaining recognition for his soulful vocals. His early influences included blues greats like Sonny Boy Williamson and Rice Miller, who left a significant imprint on his harmonica playing.

Harmonica Mastery and Unique Style

Herman Junior Parker’s harmonica style was characterized by its emotive and soulful quality. He had a remarkable ability to make the harmonica sing, with his notes conveying deep emotions. His unique approach to the instrument included bending notes and employing intricate phrasing, which set him apart in the blues world.

Recording Career and Signature Songs

In the 1950s, Herman Junior Parker signed with Sun Records, where he recorded some of his most celebrated songs. Classics like “Mystery Train” and “Feelin’ Good” became staples of his repertoire and showcased his harmonica virtuosity. “Mystery Train,” in particular, is recognized as one of his enduring and influential recordings.

Influence on the Blues Genre

Herman Junior Parker’s impact on the blues genre extended far beyond his own recordings. His mastery of the harmonica and heartfelt vocals helped shape the Memphis blues sound and resonated with audiences worldwide. He became an important figure in the development of the blues harmonica style, influencing subsequent generations of harmonica players.

Live Performances and Stage Presence

Herman Junior Parker’s live performances were celebrated for their authenticity and emotional depth. His charismatic stage presence, combined with his harmonica wizardry and passionate vocals, left audiences in awe. He had a natural ability to connect with listeners on a profound emotional level, making each live show a memorable experience.

Collaborations and Personal Struggles

Herman Junior Parker collaborated with various prominent blues musicians, including B.B. King and Howlin’ Wolf. Despite his musical success, he faced personal challenges, including issues related to health and substance abuse. Nevertheless, he continued to perform and record, displaying remarkable resilience and an unwavering commitment to his music.

Late Career and Passing

Herman Junior Parker’s career extended into the late 1960s. He continued to tour and record, earning accolades and recognition for his contributions to music. Tragically, he passed away on November 18, 1971, at the age of 47. His untimely death marked the loss of a true blues harmonica maestro.

Legacy and Enduring Impact

Herman Junior Parker’s legacy is that of a harmonica virtuoso whose soulful playing and emotive vocals continue to inspire and captivate audiences. His influence on the blues genre and the world of harmonica playing remains profound. His music, characterized by its raw emotional power and unique harmonica style, serves as a timeless testament to the enduring power of the blues.


Herman Junior Parker’s life and career exemplify the essence of the blues. His harmonica mastery, distinctive vocals, and enduring influence on the genre continue to inspire new generations of musicians. As a blues harmonica maestro, his contributions to the blues are a reminder of the genre’s enduring power to convey emotion, share stories, and connect people through the universal language of music. His music, like the blues itself, remains a testament to the depth and complexity of the human experience.


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