Musicstack Review Buy Used Records LPs Online

13 Sep

Musicstack is an online vinyl database that allows users to list specific records for sale, and find information regarding different records. The founder, David Stack, started working on this project in the 1990s while he was studying engineering at Ohio State. Dave prides himself on finding and tracking down rare and out-of-print vinyl records, LPs and CDs for discerning collectors who are truly searching for something that’s hard to find.

Musicstack Records Vinyl Lps

Musicstack has an easy to use search engine that allows you to search by different categories such as artist, title, label, barcode or genre. When you search the MusicStack database, you are not just searching one record store, instead you are searching over 1500 record stores and looking through the inventory of millions of vinyl records and CDs. Many people also like to use Discogs, which is a similar idea and more popular. If you already use Discogs, go check out Musicstack and search for that rare LP that you can’t find anywhere. If you’re more interested in websites that compile recent eBay transactions for vinyl, check out our article about CollectorsFrenzy and Popsike.

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