Stick Season Vinyl LP Noah Kahan Review

7 Dec

A Captivating Journey through the Seasons – Stick Season by Noah Kahan

Noah Kahan’s latest album, “Stick Season,” takes listeners on an emotive journey through the changing seasons, leaving a profound impact on the heart and soul. Each track captures the essence of raw vulnerability and introspection, providing a refreshing take on the folk-pop genre.

From the very first song, “Part of Me,” Kahan’s soothing vocals immediately captivate listeners, evoking a sense of melancholic beauty. The stripped-down acoustic arrangements perfectly complement the introspective lyrics, allowing the emotions to take center stage. The album’s title track, “Stick Season,” embodies this sentiment, drawing listeners into a contemplative state and reflecting on life’s transient nature.

Throughout the album, Kahan showcases his ability to tell stories that resonate deeply with the human experience. Songs such as “Godlight” and “Older” explore themes of self-discovery, growth, and the passage of time. These poignant lyrics, coupled with Kahan’s heartfelt delivery, create an authentic connection with the listener, leaving a lasting impression.

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One of the standout tracks is “I Was / I Am,” a powerful ballad that delves into the pains of personal transformation. Kahan’s vulnerability shines through as he explores his own flaws and doubts, inviting listeners to reflect on their own journeys of self-acceptance. The hauntingly beautiful melody and stripped-back production make this track a true treasure on the album.

Another notable song is “Passenger,” which showcases Kahan’s ability to craft subtle and intricate melodies. The ethereal arrangement and introspective lyrics create an almost meditative experience, allowing listeners to immerse themselves fully into the music. This song is a testament to Kahan’s growth as an artist and his ability to create a rich and immersive sonic landscape.

“Stick Season” is a testament to Noah Kahan’s growth as an artist. His ability to seamlessly blend vulnerability, introspection, and catchy melodies showcases his maturity and artistic depth. This album is a captivating journey through the seasons that will leave you longing for more.

If you are a fan of folk-pop music that digs beneath the surface, “Stick Season” is an album you should definitely add to your playlist. Noah Kahan’s introspective and emotional storytelling will resonate deeply, making this album an unforgettable experience.

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