The Complete Inconcerated Live Replacements Vinyl LP For Sale

26 Sep

One of the more anticipated releases for the Record Store Day September 26th drop is The Complete Inconcerated Live from The Replacements. This is a 3 LP collection issued by Rhino from a live recording in 1989. A six song promo CD of this show was initially released with the Achin’ to Be single. The entire recording was released as part of Dead Man’s Pop, which was a comprehensive reissue of Don’t Tell a Soul. This collection is perfect for fans who are not interested in all of the outtakes that were included in that box set. 

Replacements Inconcerated Live Vinyl

The recordings were taken from a performance on July 2, 1989 at the University of Wisconsin. Sire Records sent a crew there to professional record the show with top quality gear. This vinyl collection would be a great companion to the Live at Maxwell’s 2 LP set released in 2017 from a 1986 gig. The Replacements were notoriously unpredictable and self sabotaging. They are also the most important music to come from Minneapolis alongside Prince and Husker Du.  Their live shows could range from a very focused set (like what you get on this album) to a drunken bar band doing barely recognizable Hank Williams covers. The unpredictable nature of the band is one of the reasons they have such a cult following. Here is the excellent version of Left of the Dial from Inconcerated:

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