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Check out these new and used Candido vinyl records LPs for sale. Cándido de Guerra Camero was on born April 22, 1921 and is a Cuban conga and bongo player. He also plays the drums and bass, and has worked in many genres of popular music including rockR&B, disco and jazz. He is the first player to play multiple conga drums simultaneously. Candido enjoyed fame during the disco era, most notably with the track Jingo from his Dancin’ and Prancin’ album, which he recorded for Salsoul Records (same label as Joe Bataan) in 1979. The album has also been acknowledged as an influence to house music, which didn’t come along until five years later. We recommend starting your Candido vinyl LP collection with the exceptional albums Candi’s Funk, Dancin’ and Prancin’ and Thousand Finger Man. Our inventory is often changing, so check back again, or browse our list of vinyl records for sale from disco musicians.

Candido Candis Funk Lp Vinyl

Candido: The Rhythmic Maestro

Unveiling the Artistry of Candido

Candido Camero, widely known as Candido, stands as a paramount figure in the world of Afro-Cuban jazz and percussion. Born on April 22, 1921, in Havana, Cuba, Candido has left an indelible mark on the music scene with his virtuosic percussion skills and groundbreaking contributions to the genre. Let’s delve into the rhythmic tapestry of Candido’s career, exploring his journey, notable albums, and the profound impact he has had on the music landscape.

Journey through Rhythms: Candido’s Musical Evolution

Candido’s musical journey began at a young age when he was exposed to the rich cultural heritage of Cuba. Growing up in a vibrant musical environment, he quickly immersed himself in the world of percussion, showcasing an innate talent that would later set him apart in the international music scene.

In the 1940s, Candido made the pivotal decision to move to New York City, where he became an integral part of the burgeoning Latin music scene. His collaborations with luminaries like Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker paved the way for his ascent in the jazz world. Candido’s ability to seamlessly fuse traditional Afro-Cuban rhythms with the improvisational nature of jazz garnered him widespread recognition.

Percussive Brilliance: Albums that Define Candido’s Legacy

1. “Candido: The Volcanic”

Released in 1956, “Candido: The Volcanic” marked a turning point in Candido’s career. The album showcased his unparalleled mastery of the conga drums, creating a sonic landscape that mesmerized listeners. Tracks like “Tin Tin Deo” and “Manteca” not only highlighted Candido’s technical prowess but also demonstrated his innovative approach to blending Latin and jazz elements.

2. “Thousand Finger Man”

The 1970 release of “Thousand Finger Man” solidified Candido’s reputation as a pioneer of Latin jazz. This album, characterized by its fusion of funk, soul, and Afro-Cuban rhythms, showcased Candido’s versatility. The titular track, “Thousand Finger Man,” became a dancefloor anthem, blending infectious beats with sophisticated arrangements.

3. “Beautiful”

In 2004, Candido continued to captivate audiences with “Beautiful.” This album, featuring collaborations with contemporary artists, displayed Candido’s ability to evolve with the times while staying true to his roots. Tracks like “Lembra de Mim” and “Bembe” exemplify the timeless quality of Candido’s music, transcending generational boundaries.

Candido’s Influence: Shaping the Soundscape

Candido’s impact extends far beyond his discography. His rhythmic innovations have influenced a multitude of genres and artists across the globe. Here are some musicians and bands who have been inspired by Candido’s groundbreaking work:

1. Santana

The legendary guitarist Carlos Santana has often acknowledged Candido’s influence on his music. Santana’s incorporation of Latin percussion and rhythmic complexity can be traced back to the pioneering work of Candido.

2. Tito Puente

Another luminary in the world of Latin music, Tito Puente, found inspiration in Candido’s rhythmic explorations. The two artists shared a deep appreciation for the cultural roots of their music, leading to collaborations that enriched the Latin jazz landscape.

3. Poncho Sanchez

Contemporary percussionist Poncho Sanchez, known for his innovative approach to Latin jazz, cites Candido as a major influence. The rhythmic dynamism and creativity displayed by Candido continue to resonate in Sanchez’s modern interpretations of the genre.

Candido’s Legacy: A Rhythmic Tapestry Unraveled

Candido’s enduring legacy can be measured not only in the multitude of recordings he left behind but also in the countless artists who have been inspired by his work. His ability to transcend cultural and musical boundaries has cemented his status as a true maestro of rhythm.

As we explore Candido’s discography and influence on other musicians, it becomes evident that his impact is not confined to a specific era or genre. Candido’s rhythmic tapestry continues to unravel, weaving its way through the fabric of diverse musical landscapes, leaving an indelible mark on the world of jazz and beyond.

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