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Check out these new and used Eddie Boyd vinyl records LPs for sale. Eddie Boyd was born on a plantation in Mississippi in 1914. He learned to play piano and guitar, and his piano playing was influenced greatly by Leroy Carr. Boyd moved to Memphis around 1936 and began playing with a group called the Dixie Rhythm Boys. He eventually made it to Chicago in 1941 and recorded for Bluebird Records, initially backing up great artists like Muddy Waters and Sonny boy Williamson. Eddie Boyd began recording his own music and is responsible for one of the most iconic postwar blues standards titled Five Long Years. This song has been covered beautifully by Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters, BB King, and Jimmy Reed. Boyd actually funded the recording of the song himself and sold the track to JOB records. He went on to have other hits songs like 24 Hours and Third Degree in 1953. Eddie became tired of the discrimination towards African-Americans in the United States and ended up moving to Europe in the 60s. He continued to play throughout Europe until his death in Finland in 1994. We recommend starting your Eddie Boyd vinyl collection with Eddie Boyd and his Blues Band with Peter Green (from Fleetwood Mac) originally released on Decca in 1967. Our inventory is constantly changing, so check back often, or browse our list of vinyl from blues musicians.

Eddie Boyd Blues Band Peter Green Decca Lp

Eddie Boyd: The Chicago Blues Piano Pioneer

Eddie Boyd, born Edward Riley Boyd on November 25, 1914, in Stovall, Mississippi, was a seminal figure in the world of blues music. Renowned for his piano prowess and heartfelt songwriting, he left an indelible mark on the blues landscape. With a career spanning several decades, Eddie Boyd’s contributions to the blues genre continue to inspire and resonate with audiences today.

Early Life and Musical Beginnings

Eddie Boyd’s early life was steeped in the rich blues traditions of the Mississippi Delta. Growing up in a musical family, he was exposed to the sounds of the blues from a young age. He learned to play the piano and harmonica and developed a deep appreciation for the music that would shape his future.

Migration to Chicago and Musical Career

In the early 1940s, Eddie Boyd joined the wave of African Americans who migrated from the rural South to Chicago, a city that became a thriving hub for blues music. In Chicago, Boyd began performing in local clubs, gaining recognition for his soulful vocals and piano skills. His early influences included artists like Leroy Carr and Roosevelt Sykes, who left a lasting impact on his musical style.

Recording Career and Signature Songs

In 1947, Eddie Boyd began his recording career, marking the start of his journey to blues stardom. His early recordings, including “Five Long Years” and “24 Hours,” became classics of the blues genre. These songs showcased his emotive vocals and heartfelt songwriting. “Five Long Years,” in particular, remains one of his most celebrated and enduring compositions.

Influence on the Chicago Blues Scene

Eddie Boyd played a pivotal role in shaping the Chicago blues scene. His distinctive style, characterized by a fusion of Delta blues and urban sophistication, drew a wide audience. He was a dynamic pianist, blending elements of boogie-woogie and traditional blues, and his performances often left audiences in awe.

Collaborations and Relationships

Throughout his career, Eddie Boyd collaborated with various prominent blues musicians, including Little Walter and Willie Dixon. His partnership with Willie Dixon was particularly fruitful, resulting in some of Boyd’s most celebrated recordings. Their collaborations showcased the synergy between Boyd’s piano work and Dixon’s songwriting and production skills.

Personal Struggles and Resilience

Like many blues musicians of his time, Eddie Boyd faced personal challenges, including issues related to health and alcohol. Despite these difficulties, he continued to perform and record, displaying remarkable resilience and commitment to his music.

Late Career and Recognition

Eddie Boyd’s career extended into the late 20th century. He continued to tour and record, earning accolades and recognition for his contributions to music. His impact on the Chicago blues scene was acknowledged, and his recordings continued to be celebrated as classics of the genre.

Legacy and Enduring Impact

Eddie Boyd’s legacy is that of a pioneering figure in the Chicago blues scene, known for his emotive vocals and remarkable piano skills. His ability to blend elements of traditional blues with a sophisticated urban style made him a beloved and influential artist. His song “Five Long Years” remains a timeless classic in the blues canon.


Eddie Boyd’s life and career encapsulate the evolution of the blues, from its rural Delta roots to its sophisticated Chicago form. His piano virtuosity, heartfelt vocals, and enduring influence on the Chicago blues scene continue to inspire new generations of musicians. As a pioneer of the genre, Eddie Boyd’s contributions to the blues are a reminder of its enduring power to convey emotion, share stories, and connect people through the universal language of music. His music, like the blues itself, remains a testament to the depth and complexity of the human experience.

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