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Hour Glass Vinyl Record Lps For Sale

Hour Glass: The Foundation of Southern Rock

The Genesis (1967-1968)

Formation of Hour Glass Hour Glass, a pivotal band in the evolution of Southern rock, was formed in 1967 by brothers Duane and Gregg Allman. Their early years were marked by a fusion of R&B, soul, and blues influences that would later shape the Southern rock genre.

“Hour Glass” (1967): A Debut of Discovery

Exploratory Beginnings The eponymous debut album, “Hour Glass” (1967), reflected the band’s exploratory phase. With Duane’s soulful guitar and Gregg’s emotive vocals, the album delved into a mix of covers and original compositions, laying the groundwork for the brothers’ musical journey.

Key Tracks:

  1. “Out of the Night”
  2. “Power of Love”
  3. “B.B. King Medley”

Transformation and Transition (1969-1970)

“Power of Love” (1968): An Artistic Progression

Evolution of SoundPower of Love” (1968) marked a shift towards a more rock-oriented sound. The album showcased the Allman Brothers’ ability to blend rock elements with their bluesy roots, hinting at the direction their music would take in the coming years.

Key Tracks:

  1. “Changing of the Guard”
  2. “To Things Before”
  3. “I’m Not Afraid”

“Blues, Songs and Music” (1969): Navigating Change

Diversifying StylesBlues, Songs and Music” (1969) saw Hour Glass exploring a diverse range of styles. The album featured a mix of blues, soul, and folk, reflecting the band’s eagerness to experiment and find their unique musical identity.

Key Tracks:

  1. “Cast Off All My Fears”
  2. “I’ve Been Trying”
  3. “B.B. King Medley (Sweet Little Angel / It’s My Own Fault / How Blue Can You Get?)”

Transition and Disbandment

The Allman Brothers Band Emerges As Hour Glass navigated through a changing musical landscape, the Allman Brothers Band began to take shape. The brothers, Duane and Gregg, joined forces with musicians who shared their vision, leading to the formation of a Southern rock powerhouse.

Legacy and Influence

Hour Glass’ Impact on Southern Rock

Paving the Way Hour Glass played a crucial role in laying the foundation for Southern rock. Their early albums showcased a fusion of blues, soul, and rock that would become synonymous with the genre. The band’s willingness to experiment with different styles set the stage for the Southern rock movement that would flourish in the 1970s.

Influences on Hour Glass

B.B. King and Blues Roots Hour Glass paid homage to their blues roots with covers and medleys featuring the music of blues legend B.B. King. The influence of King’s emotive guitar playing and soulful vocals permeated Hour Glass’ early work, shaping their approach to the blues genre.

Bands Influenced by Hour Glass

The Marshall Tucker Band The Marshall Tucker Band, a prominent Southern rock outfit, drew inspiration from Hour Glass’ pioneering fusion of blues and rock. The band’s incorporation of elements like slide guitar and soulful vocals echoed the groundwork laid by Hour Glass in the late 1960s.

The Charlie Daniels Band The Charlie Daniels Band, known for their Southern rock and country fusion, found inspiration in Hour Glass’ exploration of diverse musical styles. The willingness to blend genres and create a unique sound became a hallmark of bands influenced by Hour Glass.

Widespread Panic Widespread Panic, a contemporary Southern rock band, acknowledges the influence of Hour Glass on their musical evolution. The band’s eclectic mix of blues, rock, and improvisational style bears traces of the experimental spirit that defined Hour Glass’ early years.

Hour Glass in Retrospect

“The Definitive Collection” (1992): A Retrospective

Compilation of Legacy “The Definitive Collection” (1992) serves as a retrospective of Hour Glass’ influential years. The compilation features tracks from their albums, showcasing the band’s evolution and the seeds of Southern rock that they planted.

Key Tracks:

  1. “Power of Love”
  2. “Cast Off All My Fears”
  3. “I’ve Been Trying”

Rediscovery of Hour Glass

A Hidden Gem While Hour Glass may not have achieved the same level of fame as the Allman Brothers Band, their early work remains a hidden gem for fans of Southern rock. The band’s journey, marked by experimentation and musical exploration, laid the groundwork for a genre that would resonate with generations.

Conclusion: Southern Rock’s Precursor

Hour Glass, born from the musical talents of Duane and Gregg Allman, stands as a precursor to the Southern rock movement and bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd. Their early albums, marked by a fusion of blues, soul, and rock, laid the groundwork for the genre’s emergence in the 1970s. As the Allman Brothers Band took flight, Hour Glass remained a crucial chapter in the musical odyssey of the Allman brothers, showcasing their versatility and pioneering spirit. The influence of Hour Glass reverberates through the sounds of subsequent Southern rock bands, ensuring that their legacy endures in the annals of rock history.

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